Liquid Hand Soap LHS 77

4.500 KD

Stainless Steel Cleaner Aerosol 400ml

13.750 KD

All Purpose Cleaner – Bareeq Brand

4.000 KD

Janitorial Trolley W/Cover – Grey

31.000 KD

Manual Dispenser Foam Soap

9.500 KD

Floor Maintainer – Jolly

287.500 KD345.000 KD

Scrubbing Machine – Walk Behind

1,210.000 KD1,560.000 KD

Ashtray Dust Bin 40 L

85.000 KD

Neutral Cleaner

Service Trolley –  Brix PT Suite

Scrubber Dryer Machine ECOSMALL 70 B

Hard Surface Cleaner For Marble, venetian, terrazzo, Palladian and paraquet, delicate surfaces and all types of washable water resistant floors Spill Free Mouth – 5Ltrs

3.250 KD

Towel Center Pull White, 1Ply, Preserve

14.350 KD

GENIE – Machine Dish wash Powder

Hand Liquid Soap – Bareeq OK

5.500 KD

Daily Toilet Cleaner – APPLE FRESH

Laundry Liquid

Cling Film – 6pcs

10.000 KD

Empty Spray Bottle

0.500 KD1.000 KD

Scouring Powder – MAR MAR

9.625 KD