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Ladies Hygiene Bags

Pedestal Hygiene Stand

15.000 KD

Dispenser Sanitizer Sensor with Stand

45.000 KD55.000 KD

Portable Table Top Sensor Dispenser

Portable Sanitizer Table Top Stand

25.000 KD30.000 KD

Dispenser Soap Heavy Duty

6.500 KD

Eco-luxe Dispenser Toilet Mini T Box

Eco-luxe  Dispenser  Towel C-Z Folded

Eco-luxe Center feed Paper Dispenser 

Dispenser Soap 1000ml

6.000 KD

Dispenser Towel Center Pull

6.000 KD

Dispenser Toilet Tissue Mini T.Box

6.000 KD

Dispenser Soap – Star Line Polycarbonate

7.500 KD

Dispenser Towel C-Fold

9.000 KD

Dispenser Center Pull Paper Towel

9.000 KD

Sensor Autocut Paper Towel Dispenser

25.000 KD

Auto Sensor Dispenser

30.000 KD

Sensor Dispenser with Temperature Measurement

30.000 KD

Dispenser Soap ST/ST– 1000ml

6.500 KD7.500 KD

Dispenser Urinal Sanitizer

6.000 KD

Sensor Dispenser Liquid

20.000 KD25.000 KD

Dispenser Soap

4.000 KD6.000 KD

Dispenser Soap

0.000 KD

Dispenser Metered Aerosol – Automatic

5.000 KD