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Multi Functional Cleaning Trolley Black

140.000 KD

Waste Collection Trolley

140.000 KD

Street Cleaning Cart

Street Cleaning Cart with Canopy

Multi-functional Cleaning Bucket

9.000 KD

Quadrate laundry cart

Deluxe Utility Cart

Utility cart


Multi Functional Cleaning Trolley

140.000 KD

Waste Collection Trolley – Brix Smart

Waste Collection Trolley

Service Trolley –  Brix PT Suite

Janitorial Trolley With Antibacterial Plastic

110.000 KD

Janitorial Trolley

100.000 KD

Single Bucket Trolley Plastic

13.750 KD

Double Bucket Trolley with Nylon Bag Holder

36.000 KD

Single Bucket Trolley with Nylon Bag Holder

32.000 KD

Double Bucket Trolley Plastic

31.000 KD

Single Bucket Trolley Plastic

26.400 KD

Goods Trolley

125.000 KD

Brix Small Hotel Trolley

Brix School Trolley

Brix Hotel Trolley