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Detergent Cleaner Alkaline based Non Foaming – Emulsi Cip 15ltr

30.000 KD

Degreaser Foam Alkaline Based – Emulsi Foam 15ltrs Alkaline Foam Degreaser Foaming alkaline detergent with high level of alkalinity and surfactants

30.000 KD

Disinfectant Concentrated Cleaner Spill Free Mouth – 5Ltrs

7.500 KD

Industrial Heavy Duty Liquid Soap With Microbeads Spill Free Mouth – 5Ltrs

15.000 KD

Dish Washing Liquid Manual Green lemon Fragranced

2.500 KD

Liquid Soap for Hand Face and Body

3.000 KD

Liquid Soap for Hand – face and body

4.500 KD

Liquid Soap for Hand – face and body

4.250 KD

Lotion Hand Soap

6.500 KD

Hand Liquid Soap

Luxury Hand Cream Soap

Viroban Hypochlorous Acid

26.500 KD

Hand Cream Soap – Areej / Ezy

10.000 KD

Virucidal Hospital Disinfectant

Microclenz gel

26.500 KD

Hand Sanitizer 50ml – Handi

15.850 KD

Hand Sanitizer 350ml – Handi

15.850 KD

Hand Sanitizer 475ml – Handi

22.500 KD

Hand Sanitizer – MICROCLENZ GEL (Hand & Body Range)

24.000 KD

Hand Sanitizer – Handi

22.000 KD

Hand Liquid Soap-MAJESTIC (Hand & Body Range)

6.600 KD

Hand Liquid Soap Antibac – PURELITE (Hand & Body Range)

8.800 KD

Hand Liquid Soap – Bareeq OK

5.500 KD

Hand Cream Soap