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Scrapper Blades with Cover

1.250 KD

Scrubbing Brush Jet

0.350 KD

Garden Rake Zigzag

Mop Head Cotton Premium Quality

Mop Head Cotton

0.550 KD

Damp Mop Frame 

1.250 KD1.500 KD

Dust Control Frame

1.000 KD2.000 KD

Cleaning Tool Holder Wall Mounted

2.250 KD

Triggy Applicator Mop with Replacement Cover

18.000 KD

Cleano Multipurpose ultra pure water cleaning system

Electric Outdoor Window Cleaning System

3,000.000 KD3,200.000 KD

Window Washer

1.750 KD2.000 KD

Window Squeeze

0.600 KD

Window Squeeze – Plastic

0.750 KD1.250 KD

Window Squeeze – Stainless Steel

1.250 KD1.500 KD

Wax Applicator

6.000 KD

Telescopic Poles

1.750 KD10.000 KD

Soft Brush with Handle

0.450 KD3.250 KD

Rubber Squeeze

0.450 KD0.850 KD

Plunger with Wooden Handle

0.450 KD

Mop Holder

0.500 KD1.000 KD

Magic Mop

0.000 KD

Mop with Plastic Holder

0.800 KD0.950 KD

Metal Handle Mop Plastic Clip

2.500 KD