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Algae Eliminating in Pool Water SW9 ALGAE 15kg – 2604

27.500 KD

Water Treatment Additive Chlorine Based – SW2 Dichlor 56 – 5Kg – 2613

18.500 KD

Ph Plus/Ph Corrector Maintaining a correct ideal pH value of 7.2-7.4 with SW7-pH+ – 2615

27.500 KD

Stain Remover with Active Oxygen For Oxidizable Stains X1 Oxy 500ML – 1814

2.000 KD

Cloro Liquid 15L Liquid Chlorine 14-15% For Treating Pool Water – 2082

22.500 KD

Quantum Chlor 5Ltrs Spill Free Mouth Concentrated Active Chlorine Based Fabric Bleach

12.500 KD

Detergent Cleaner Alkaline based Non Foaming – Emulsi Cip 15ltr

30.000 KD

Degreaser Foam Alkaline Based – Emulsi Foam 15ltrs Alkaline Foam Degreaser Foaming alkaline detergent with high level of alkalinity and surfactants

30.000 KD

Urinal Screen Uri Deo Fragranced

1.500 KD

Toilet Cleaner & Descaler Gel Sani Citric – 1ltr

2.000 KD

Urinal Tablets Uri Tabs 3Kg

25.000 KD

Deo Fresh White Musk Fragranced – 750ml

2.000 KD

Deo Fresh Lavender Fragranced – 750ml

2.000 KD

Disinfectant Concentrated Cleaner Spill Free Mouth – 5Ltrs

7.500 KD

Industrial Heavy Duty Liquid Soap With Microbeads Spill Free Mouth – 5Ltrs

15.000 KD

Drain Opener Gel Powerful Alkaline Based With Active Chlorine – 1ltr

1.750 KD

Dilution Pump For 4 Types Of Different Liquid

135.000 KD

Dosing Pump 3 Unit Trilogy Dosing system

315.000 KD

Machine Dishwashing Liquid Super Concentrated Spill Free Mouth Rinse T3 – 5Ltrs

28.000 KD

Machine Dishwashing Liquid Super Concentrated Spill Free Mouth BOOST T2 – 5Ltrs

25.000 KD

Machine Dishwashing Liquid Super Concentrated Spill Free Mouth WASH T1 – 5Ltrs

20.000 KD

Toilet Cleaner and Descaler With Citric and Lactic Acid 750ml

1.250 KD

Carpet Rugs fabric Cleaner Concentrate Alkaline Based Spill Free Mouth – 5Ltrs

5.500 KD

Leather Neutral Cleaner Spray S4 500ml

2.000 KD