Wide and varied range of cleaning tools and accessories to satisfy your confidence...

Aluminum Handle

1.000 KD1.100 KD

Angle Broom

1.000 KD

Cleaning Tool Holder Wall Mounted

2.500 KD

Cleano Multipurpose ultra pure water cleaning system

Cotton Gloves

1.100 KD

Damp Mop Frame 

1.550 KD1.850 KD

Disposable Nitrile Gloves Powder-free

Disposable Plastic Gloves

19.800 KD

Double Door Mat

5.000 KD

Dust Control Frame

1.100 KD2.200 KD

Dust Pan long handle Black W/Brush HD

2.750 KD

Dust Pan long handle W/Brush

2.000 KD

Dust Pan long handle W/Brush

1.500 KD

Dust Pan Metal

0.600 KD0.700 KD

Dust Pan Plastic with Brush

0.500 KD0.700 KD

Dust Pan Plastic with Cover + Long Handle Brush

1.100 KD3.000 KD

Exotica Petunias Floor Mat

3.750 KD

Feather Duster with Wooden Handle

1.400 KD

Floor Sign Board

2.500 KD

Garden Rake Zigzag

Glass Scrapper

1.500 KD1.750 KD

Hand Sanitizer Bottel Holder

1.750 KD


0.150 KD1.250 KD

Hard Brush With Handle

0.600 KD1.400 KD

High Duster

2.500 KD

Jet Brush

0.500 KD


8.500 KD20.000 KD

Latex Gloves

33.000 KD

Leaves Picker

2.750 KD

Magic Mop

Majestic Floor Mat

3.750 KD


4.125 KD5.500 KD

Metal Handle Mop Plastic Clip

2.750 KD

Mop Head Cotton

0.600 KD

Mop Head Cotton Premium Quality

Mop Holder

0.600 KD1.100 KD

Mop with Plastic Holder

0.900 KD1.050 KD

Plunger with Wooden Handle

0.500 KD

Portable Car Wash Cart

Rod Floor Mat

3.750 KD

Rubber Hand Gloves

0.250 KD

Rubber Hand Gloves

0.200 KD0.250 KD

Rubber Squeeze

0.750 KD1.850 KD


0.400 KD0.650 KD

Scrapper Blades with Cover

2.500 KD

Scrubbing Brush

0.300 KD0.400 KD

Scrubbing Brush Jet

0.500 KD

Soft Brush

0.750 KD

Soft Brush with Handle

0.550 KD3.575 KD

Spin Mop Trolley

9.000 KD

Telescopic Poles

2.000 KD12.000 KD

Toilet Brush Disposable

Toilet Brush Stainless Steel

7.000 KD

Toilet Brush W/Holder

0.650 KD

Triggy Applicator Mop with Replacement Cover

19.800 KD

Vinyl Gloves

22.000 KD

Wax Applicator

6.600 KD

Welcome Double Door Mat

5.000 KD

Window Cleaning Ro System

3,450.000 KD3,680.000 KD

Window Squeeze

0.700 KD

Window Squeeze – Stainless Steel

2.250 KD3.500 KD

Window Squeeze – Plastic

0.850 KD1.400 KD

Window Washer

2.000 KD2.200 KD

Wire Brush

0.400 KD

Working Gloves

3.600 KD4.650 KD

Zigma Rubber Mat

3.750 KD