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Angle Broom

1.000 KD

Cloth Dryer

3.500 KD7.500 KD

Dust Control Covers

1.100 KD2.500 KD

Dust Pan long handle Black W/Brush HD

2.750 KD

Dust Pan long handle W/Brush

2.000 KD

Dust Pan long handle W/Brush

1.500 KD

Empty Spray Bottle

0.500 KD1.000 KD

Floor Cloth

3.300 KD

Forchaga Roll

9.350 KD

Glass Wiping Cloth – White

3.300 KD

Ironing Board

11.000 KD12.000 KD

J–Cloth (Non-Woven Wipes)

1.100 KD

Jet Brush

0.500 KD

Kitchen Cloth

1.100 KD

Magic Duster – Colors

0.350 KD

Mop Round Cotton

0.500 KD0.825 KD

Naphthalene Balls

1.100 KD2.000 KD

Naphthalene Block with Net Hanger – Lavender – 1x12Pcs

3.800 KD

Naphthalene Block with Net Hanger – Rose – 1x12Pcs

3.800 KD

Plastic Garbage Bag

5.000 KD6.750 KD

Scouring Pad

0.500 KD2.200 KD

Scouring Pad-Big

2.250 KD

Scouring Powder – MAR MAR

9.625 KD

Soap Basket ST/ST

Soft Brush

0.750 KD

Soft Hand Brush

0.350 KD

Soluble Laundry Bags

Spin Mop Trolley

9.000 KD

Sponge with scourer – Big

1.100 KD

Sponge with scourer – Small

0.350 KD

Steel Ring

0.400 KD

Steel Wool 25 Grams

1.000 KD

Toilet Brush Disposable

Toilet Brush Stainless Steel

7.000 KD

Toilet Brush W/Holder

0.650 KD

Toilet Brush with Holder

0.600 KD1.900 KD

Yellow Duster

1.350 KD